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Happy Holidays

Fashion Meter Going up guys. I have been waiting to post this holiday session for the longest time!! LOL. Anthony & Grace what’s up!? This year I started some of my mini sessions for holiday cards, I was excited to say the least and I was blown away by this group of stylish , charming , swagalicious kids that killed these pictures! We headed down to dumbo to grab some great scenery, and when the Avellino’s showed up…..THEY SHOWED UP! They walked around the corner and I could have sworn they came off a Esquire/Vogue Photo shoot… As we were taking pictures, strangers were literally just walking by and taking pictures of what was going on LOL! I’m definitely on the hunt for submitting these pictures to Ralph Lauren. Little Luca is going to be a star one Day! Grace & Anthony thanks again for having me and being two awesome parents! I can’t wait to see what is in store for next year, We might have to stop some Time Square traffic and shut it down!



Tara DiGilio- Benik - December 23, 2014 - 1:15 AM

Amazing. …love these pics!!!!

Grace Avellino - December 23, 2014 - 2:40 AM

Evan Pierce you are amazing! A true artist! Thank you for taking my vision and using your talent to bring it to life. We couldn’t be happier with these photos. They will be treasured for life. PS your Times Square idea seems pretty legit to me.. Just saying.

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Little Palm Island!

I seriously DO NOT know how to begin this post. This August, the good folks over at ION Television Media Networks decided to have me on board on their trip to the Florida Keys. I can honestly say that the pictures won’t do this place Justice! All I can say is “Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat”! What a great experience.

I landed in beautiful Miami where the weather was nice and hot, unlike NY where the weather was miserable and sad! I boarded the plane at JFK and the weather was seriously negative Oh No. Anyway, The trip down to the keys was about a good 2 and half hour drive , thanks to some good music , some GREAT weather, and some AWESOME scenery, I got to Little Torch Key quite alright. After being in the car and running on zero hours of sleep, (what else is new with me right?) I finally pulled up to the shore station and was greeted by the best staff ever. The first thing I was asked when getting off the boat was “would you like to try our famous cocktail?”…..before she finished her question I immediately threw out a YES! LOL. YES PLEASE. The shuttle ride over to the island was a good 10 minutes and I already knew that this place was going to be insane. I got off the boat dancing LOL- there isn’t a punch line to that I literally got off the boat dancing. ION really blessed me with a great setup- THEY GAVE ME MY OWN BUNGALOW WITH MY NAME ON IT! (more dancing followed when I saw this). The staff, service and food on the Island Is PHENOMENAL. The first night was more of a guest arrival dinner so everybody could relax and settle down. Dinner was great, the music was an acoustic session which was done perfectly. Everybody slowly went to bed except for me, I stayed out for about 3 hours at the end of the island just checking out the stars and laid out with more music. I saw two shooting stars!

The Next morning we went snorkeling. Here is a known fact: the Florida Reef It is the third largest coral barrier reef system in the world. The Reef lies a few miles seaward of the Florida Keys and is about 4 miles (6 to 7 km) wide and extends (along the 20 meter depth contour) 270 km. The moment of the day came from when somebody yelled “OKAY THERE IS A SHARK IN THE WATER”–I just stood there and kept filming SMH, Shame on me. The day wrapped out with more great music by the fire, s’more, and a station where you could build your own tacos!..CLUTCH. I cannot forget to mention that we were accompanied by our two Deer Friends “Oscar”, and his girlfriend LOL. I tried not to get so close to the deer, The Deer out here in NY can end up a whole different way!

The Final day we trooped it out for some deep sea fishing, unfortunately we weren’t able to catch anything but being on the water was such a great time. Heading back to the island we were going to end the last night with an all white attire. It was really a great way to end a fantastic trip. I really met some GREAT people who were very welcoming and nice. Again, a big thank you to the wonderful staff on the Island, TERRIFIC JOB. Thank you to everybody at ION television. Thanks Patriciaaaaaaaaaaa. Hey next year can we head to Paris?! LOL. Wishful thinking never hurts anybody right? Enjoy the pictures! My brain is still  on that island along with my sperry’s, my straw hat, and my crew from ION! BOOM! I also did a short trailer that is currently on Vimeo. Go watch that if you haven’t already THEN come back to see this pictures! C’mon you gotta do it right!





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Dee -N- Tim

Nothing like taking some flicks in good ol’ New York, especially when I’m rolling with my Australian connection.! Guys meet Dee & Tim. I swear the both of them are secret models that nobody knows about LOL. When I met them I seriously thought they were walking ads. Speaking of Ads, a few shots that I took seriously look like they belong in pages of Dolce & Gabana look books (okay I’m getting a little a head of myself but it doesn’t hurt to imagine). Dee & Tim visit NY often so I wanted to make sure that I captured some great NY locations. We started off the engagement session at the beautiful High Line located on the West-Side of Manhattan. The High Line is always great for pictures and also a great place for people to step right in front of your camera while you have the best set up shot in the world..can you tell that I just Loooooove NY?! We then took it to the worlds famous Grand Central Station..leave it up to me to try and figure out how to get up in the high windows for some pictures ..I know I know i’m out of my mind but again it can’t hurt to imagine. Tim got a little hungry so  we ate at one of my fav restaurants in NYC ..DOS CAMINOS! If you ever have a chance please stop in and try the Blue pomegrante margarita and the ‘Mar y Tierra’, oh it’s serious business.  Great day in NYC and thanks to Dee & Tim for allowing me to be apart of it all. I decided to put some “Behind The Scenes” images at the end. Another big thanks to my good friends Jeta, Agim, & Joe for helping me on the day and introducing me to a fantastic couple. Congrats guys!

-EvBehind The Scenes
Blue Pomegranate Kicks Of The DayTim The Photographer LOLThe Wonderful Rush Hour Traffic (Check Out the Billboard LOL)Tunes Of The Day (HOV)

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