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Dee -N- Tim

Nothing like taking some flicks in good ol’ New York, especially when I’m rolling with my Australian connection.! Guys meet Dee & Tim. I swear the both of them are secret models that nobody knows about LOL. When I met them I seriously thought they were walking ads. Speaking of Ads, a few shots that I took seriously look like they belong in pages of Dolce & Gabana look books (okay I’m getting a little a head of myself but it doesn’t hurt to imagine). Dee & Tim visit NY often so I wanted to make sure that I captured some great NY locations. We started off the engagement session at the beautiful High Line located on the West-Side of Manhattan. The High Line is always great for pictures and also a great place for people to step right in front of your camera while you have the best set up shot in the world..can you tell that I just Loooooove NY?! We then took it to the worlds famous Grand Central Station..leave it up to me to try and figure out how to get up in the high windows for some pictures ..I know I know i’m out of my mind but again it can’t hurt to imagine. Tim got a little hungry so  we ate at one of my fav restaurants in NYC ..DOS CAMINOS! If you ever have a chance please stop in and try the Blue pomegrante margarita and the ‘Mar y Tierra’, oh it’s serious business.  Great day in NYC and thanks to Dee & Tim for allowing me to be apart of it all. I decided to put some “Behind The Scenes” images at the end. Another big thanks to my good friends Jeta, Agim, & Joe for helping me on the day and introducing me to a fantastic couple. Congrats guys!

-EvBehind The Scenes
Blue Pomegranate Kicks Of The DayTim The Photographer LOLThe Wonderful Rush Hour Traffic (Check Out the Billboard LOL)Tunes Of The Day (HOV)

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Mustard On The Beat

If you don’t know.. Around 2013 Jay-z landed a HUGE Partnership deal with Live Nation , the company that is affiliated with Ticketmaster and solely focuses on the biggest concert promotions. From this deal, Jay-z then started his own venture called “Roc Nation”. Under the Roc Nation name , there are a list of acts such as DJ’s , Producers, Sports, and Management. Some of the names that are currently signed to this label are, Calvin Harris (Scottish DJ, singer-songwriter, and producer; responsible for “We Found Love” “Summer” “Feel So Close” “Let’s Go”), Rihanna (I don’t think I need to list any of her songs LOL), Shakira, Capital Cities, DJ Mustard. As for the sports: Kevin Durant (NBA), Victor Cruz (NY Giants), Geno Smith (NY Jets), Robinson Cano (Seattle Mariners). Safe to say that Jay-Z doesn’t mess around LOL. About a month ago, I was blessed enough to be able to link with the Roc Nation Team. The producer on this label who goes under the name “DJ Mustard”, is a  Los Angeles Record Producer that is responsible for a string of hit singles, such as Tyga’s “Rack City”, 2 Chainz’ “I’m Different”, Kid Ink’s “Show Me”, Trey Songz’ “Na Na” , Tinashe’s “2 On”,and many more. You will know when you hear one of his songs by the trademark saying “Mustard On the Beat” that appears in the beginning of each of his songs. Well..DJ mustard held a show down in Williamsburg Brooklyn At the Hall Of Music Concert Hall. I was fortunate enough to have been able to provide the visuals for the Concert. Such a great event and I was super excited to be apart of it. I want to thank everybody over at the Roc Nation Team and DJ Mustard for having me on deck. Enjoy some of the Photos below.. and just remember… MUSTARD ON THE BEAT OHHH!



Jp Elario - September 26, 2014 - 9:09 PM

mustard on the beat good stuff as always my dude!

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Amanda & Robert

So I first met Amanda and Robert back in 2013. We had a fantastic initial meeting and I had the pleasure of meeting Amanda’s mom as well! (Go MOM!) I knew from the jump that they were just an awesome couple. Our first  photo go time was the Engagement  Shoot out East. The Engagement was nice, we had great weather and the park was so official! When I met up with Rob to give him the engagement pictures, He told me that they were in the works of closing on a new house and they invited me to a BBQ once everything was finalized… (let me just say I looooooooooooove me some BBQ’s).  When May came, Rob told me that they finally closed on the house and the BBQ was still going on! Let me first say that THE HOUSE IS GORGEOUS GUYS! Also, if anybody is every in town make sure to stop by and try Amanda and Rob’s chicken Sausage…I’m literally still having dreams about those links LOL! The pasta was great, the cheeseburgers and the atmosphere was definitely my vibe.

                        Fast forward to the week prior to the Big Day… we met at the Crescent Beach Club to go over the final plans and all the other good details. We took it outside for some drinks and to our surprise there was a wedding going on, and I told Amanda & Rob that we NEEDED to catch a sunset picture, we even got a chance to see how the sun looked during the sunset time. Safe to say I was screaming and carrying on lol. We finished off the night with a great dinner! Guys thanks a lot I had such a great time hanging with you both. Our waiter was pretty cool too LOL.

WEDDING DAY! It was about– Oh I don’t know, a mere 115 degrees with just a small 95% humidity LOL, nothing we can’t handle though right?! I was just happy that it Didn’t rain…….. A-team was on deck. Vanessa, (OH HAIIIII) my second photographer, started with the guys and I got the luxury of starting with the star of the show! (Sorry Bobby LOL). Amanda was on point like acupuncture, she had all the things laid out for me to photograph and set to go! I love the custom robes, the custom cups, all the signs in the house, a photographers dream. The Guys were about 5 mins away, and they were coming to the house for the first look. I love seeing the reactions from the first look, it makes for great photos and its such a great moment between the bride and groom. After the house we took some photos at Bailey Arboretum.  I’m sorry guys for the Heat! Everything was going great until…………YUP YOU GUESSED IT…..RAIN! Like Missy Elliot..I can’t stand the rainnnnn. Again, pouty Evan came out trying to yell at the rain to go away and this time it actually worked LOLOL! I couldn’t ask for a better clear up because we got some SICK clouds! So I went from 0 to 100 with excitement real quick.. real real quick. You know I’m excited when I start yelling. Great photo session and a great ceremony. I did in fact get my sunset too! I was nervous at first because the sun was going down during the ceremony.. I was thirty seconds away from stopping ceremony to pull Sunset photos!!! The night was great guys, Amanda & Rob you are truly great friends of mine. From start to finish it was a pleasure to be able to work with you and just be able to hang out. Our hang out times are farrrrrr from over. Congrats Guys! Enjoy the visuals! Yessssssur


Linda DiCicco Confessore - September 25, 2014 - 3:37 PM

Absolutely gorgeous pictures! Beautiful couple, genius shots!

Amanda Pauline - September 25, 2014 - 4:26 PM

Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!! I can’t even deal !!!! Absolutely love them, you and Vanessa did an amazing job !!!!

Rosalie Post Jacofsky Schneider - September 25, 2014 - 10:37 PM


Donald Urbanski - September 26, 2014 - 3:47 PM

Great pictures !!!! Lots of Luck to both of you.

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Christina & Mike!

I first Met Christina & Mike at a sweet cafe in Queens called “Exo Cafe”. From the  jump it was a good time. They heard about me from the one and only..THE WICKEDLY TALENTED..Details BY GINA!! They kindly brought along Christina’s Matron of honor Kristen, who had to make sure that I was the real deal LOL. Gina did the coordination for Kristen’s wedding, so it was as if I already had family connections with Kristen LOL. Kristen you definitely had me on my toes and I was afraid to eat any of the amazing wings that Mike ordered LMAO! Kristen you’re amazing! I knew that Mike and myself would connect once I found out that he was a huge B-Ball fan..let the record show, that I used to be a hardcore basketball junkie, from cards to jersey I owned it. Ironically, the first day I met them both it was RAINING! …(stay tuned for that)

          Christina and Mike decided to get married at the beautiful DOLCE Hotel located in Norwalk Connecticut. I met with Hazel, who is the absolute best at what she does! We pretty much went over full details of the wedding and scouted out the location for the big day. Dolce has some amazing grounds and the staff is on point with everything.  Christina & Mike kindly extended an invitation for me to join them on their rehearsal dinner, which turned out to be such a great night with great people, laughter, s’mores, and singing “Fancy” by I-G-G-Y. On the drive up from Queens I noticed that the skies were a little cloudy..(SIGH), but I didn’t want to think negatively so I just put it in the back of my mind. The wedding was scheduled to take place outdoors, so the night of the rehearsal dinner Hazel informed me of the “Plan B”, or the “Just in case it rained”, location which would be indoors. Hazel then told me that they were having a ZERO RAIN WEDDING SEASON! AGAIN….THE WHOLE WEDDING SEASON IT HADN’T RAINED….SO I WASN’T NERVOUS, WHY WOULD I BE RIGHT? THEY HAVEN’T HAD A RAIN DAY YET……..WELL….As you can guess the day started out sunny and Humid, with the sun playing hide and go seek with the clouds. Everything was great until it was time to take Christina out with the Girls……RAIN…..I literally Pouted like a 3 year old LOL. But Thanks to Gina , Mike and Christina, they pulled the pacifier out of my camera  and it was WERK TIME. Needless to say the wedding was super great! Especially Bringing Mike and the Guys to take some B-ball pictures in the Gymnasium!  I had a great time as always, and met a lot of fantastic people. I even went to the after party that took place upstairs at the bar to kick it with everybody and take a few shots (pictures)..LOL. Guys I really wanted to stay, BUT I wanted to make sure I had your pictures uploaded! Thanks Guys for everything. It’s truly a blessing when you work with and shoot great people. Ta Ta for now. Enjoy the Pictures and congrats again guys! 



Wedding Day Coordination:

Details By Gina


Dolce, Hotels & Resorts



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